Family Law – Custody, Child Support, Juvenile Cases

Family related matters and domestic relations can be sensitive issues to resolve for anyone, but our firm can help you. For custody, child support, visitation and juvenile cases, it’s important to put the child’s needs first and think about what would be best for them. We will work together to consider all of your options based on the child’s best interests.


In many custody cases, the parents are unable to make a mutual decision on where the child should be placed. It is recommended that the parents work to come to a decision through procedures outside of court such as mediation. The case is appointed an expert mediator who will work with the parents and provide a recommendation to the court. After extensive interviews and time spent with the parents and child, the court will take into consideration the mediators recommendation and make a decision.

In some cases, a state may not have court mediators or the court may place less weight on the recommendation of the mediator. This will lead to litigation where the court will make a final decision for custody after each party presents their side of evidence. Courts will decide which parent will have custody of the child and they will determine visitation schedules as well.

Glenn Yost will work out custody issues and visitation schedules amicably for you and your child, and if it is necessary, protect your best interests in court.

Child Support:

Child support is determined by a statute in the state of New York and the non-custodial parent’s income is examined to figure out what that amount will be. A percentage of their income is allocated into a calculation set by the state. For all child support cases, it’s important to have insightful and experienced legal representation. There are many times when the number calculated will be under dispute by one of the parties involved. Glenn Yost will justify the rights of the children and of the parents as well when determining the proper amount that will be paid.

Juvenile Cases:

Glenn Yost can help ensure that the child’s best interests are recognized during juvenile court cases. There are many different issues involved in juvenile law, whether it’s representing minors in custody cases and paternity battles, working with children who have been accused of criminal conduct or who have been victims of child abuse. It’s important to protect the rights of children and minors involved in any of these cases and that is exactly what The Yost Law Firm will do.

If you are looking for a Staten Island attorney who will defend your rights and the rights of your children, contact us.

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